The Silent Wife PDF Download

The Silent Wife PDF Download

By: Kerry Fisher
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary
Relase Date: 2017-02-24


The ending was great but boring leading up to.


A truly terrific read! Wonderful characters and superb writing. Can’t wait to read more!


A very easy and quick read..I couldn’t put it down! The Silent Wife would make a great movie.


Loved this book! I have now read all three of Kerry Fisher’s books in a week. Started with the first and enjoyed it so much that I immediately bought the other two. I look forward to her next book and hope it is published soon.


I love love love audio books, but this narrator is dull. It’s hard to follow along because her narrating is a snooze fest. I’ve started it over several times trying to get into it, but I just want to fall asleep. I’ll try to read the book instead.


Reading this amazing and truly poignant story for second time. All the insights marriage, infertility, into friendships, are so relevant and enlightening. 💐💐💐