P.S. I Still Love You PDF Download

P.S. I Still Love You PDF Download

By: Jenny Han
Genre: Coming of Age, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2015-05-26


honestly we didn’t need this book. the beginning could’ve been written in the end of the first book. the first and last books are the only ones that i felt progressed the story. this one didn’t seem to do that for me.


It is so thought provoking and sweet I just love it! PLEASE ADD MORE BOOKS I DONT WANT IT TO END!!!!


Best series ever. I can't stop reading this series its so good! I bought the whole series and I don't have any regrets.



Ron Finnegan

I have read over 3,000 novels in the last ten years and this is the worst. Don’t waste the time I wasted on this book. Boring and very hard to finish. Felt like I got really ripped off. Slow read about nothing. As a very educated person, gifted psychology teacher, I can see how the author cons young people into reading this trash. Few of my high school gifted students started to read this book and felt insulted. Maybe if your a special education student it MIGHT give you some light on high school girls, but i don’t think so. One word to describe the author is CON GIRL that sees an opportunity to steal money from young students. Sad Very sad.


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Late twenty’s will love this teenage love story


I don’t enjoy reading, but this series has me hooked! I can’t seem to put it down, I don’t want it to end!

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Honestly this book makes you feel like you’re in it everytime you read a bit of it. I felt like I was lara jean. I fell all the emotions through the book. I’m in love.

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This story is so amazing, and I just love it so much. I read a ton and I haven’t read a book that I liked this much in a while! I will forever be re-reading this series!!